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Journalist: Nancy Nourse  Date: October 5, 2011  Region: Les Sources

 RAVIR renews partnership with the CSSS...

It is with pleasure that RAVIR (Regrouping of artists living in rural areas) renews its enriching partnership with the Center for Health and Social Services (CSSS), des Sources, for two more years. This agreement between RAVIR and the CSSS des Sources puts extra weight behind the effort to develop the cultural activities offered within the Development Plan of the MRC des Sources. The first exposition of the 2011-2012 season presents the activities and members of RAVIR, along with an exhibition by Anne Bergeron, visual artist from Dudswell.

“Anne Bergeron leads us to discover luminous and coloured creations”, notes Madeline Deriaz, President of RAVIR. This particular artist, working with oils since 1989, is fascinated with the magical application using spatulas. Over the years, she has developed a technique that is all her own, by ‘combing the oils’ with small strokes, capturing country scenes which, serve for her, as fascinating sources of inspirations. She meticulously sculpts the enchanting lights of nature, by creating turbulent nuances of water, earth and sky. “I paint a reflection of RAVIR renews its partnership with CSSS...nature which refreshes the soul and expresses its infinite natural beauty that vibrates with colours, similar to those on the palette of a rainbow,” explained Bergeron.

You may recall that RAVIR, created in May 2009, also holds expositions at the CSSS des Sources, sharing its activities during la Journée de la culture in 2009 and its recent activities in 2011, the project “art and the culture for durable development of the rural communities” whose last event, ‘the Forum’, will take place in conjunction with the musical Camp of Asbestos on October 1, 2011.

For more information on Anne Bergeron, you can consult the directory of artists RAVIR. The name of the artists serves as a link to their pages:

http/www.ravir. pages

                           Photo credit - Sylvain Laroche

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