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Journalist: Nancy Nourse  Date: November 4, 2011  Region: Memphrémagog

$1.1 M in investments...


Orford Deputy Pierre Reid announced that the Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Memphrémagog (Memphremagog Center for health and social services) will benefit this year from investments of $1.166.455 to maintain and renovate its real credits, like replacing or upgrading furniture and equipment. These investments fall in line with the announcement made last September by Dr. Yves Bolduc - Minister of Health and Social Services. The funding will be used, in particular, to cover minor functional restorations, elsewhere than in the new installations of lodging and long-term care, such as maintaining the facility, the equipment and furniture.  

“These investments in the health and social services network attest to the will of our government to not only support the economy through vigorous investments but also by supporting activities in health-care establishments throughout Quebec. This investment will make it possible for professionals to work in a more functional environment , one that is pleasant and stimulating, in addition to being able to offer their patients a better level of care to meet their needs”, concluded the Deputy from Orford.  

The amount of this investment lies within the scope of the Quebec Infrastructure Plan which in particular aims at ensuring the permanence of the infrastructures in our network. These investments are added to those which are planned for the development of the services, which applies to new building construction, enlargement of buildings or addition of new medical equipment.

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