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Journalist: Nancy Nourse  Date: November 11, 2011  Region: Memphremagog

Créatio - Centre d’artists invites you to the 9th edition of the Symposium of Visual Arts withinnw6c376f6c7ddf49150a94 the framework of the Cultural Week celebration in Magog – November 12 and 13 (Free Admission). Under the topic ‘Hybridization’, Créatio members Monique Beaulieu, Suzanne Deslauriers, Monique Girard, Rita-Noëllie Messier, Annie Paradis and Jacqueline Plante will connect with artists Sylvie Bernadette Laporte, Melanie Paradis, Brigitte Roy and Luc St-Jacques, linking to them on-line in an interdisciplinary exchange. The term ‘to hybride’ refers “to fertilizing or enriching” one to the other.

The goal of the artists taking part in the Symposium is to create ‘live’ a work of art that is a true collaboration with his or her chosen partner throughout the process of creation with an aim of enriching their solo creations and creating a new work on multiple horizons. The goal of the Symposium is to become not only a place of exchange, sharing and communication among artists but also with the citizens - passing acquaintances sharing the basis for these creations. Visitors will be able to see these works unfold accentuated with aspects of their own imagination.

On Saturday, November 12, activities will include an opportunity to witness the live creative online process and works by Créatio artists and invited artists in addition to a workshop on a creation with the public: numerical photographs as a basis for the creation of portraits and/or self-portraits. These memorable works of art will be exhibited during the Symposium and a conference by Ann- Janick Lépine on “Le métissage dans les arts visuels contemporains (collaboration in contemporary visual arts)” on Saturday evening (7 p.m.- 8:30 p.m.).

You will still have a chance to witness the “online creative process” on Sunday, November 13 in addition to the Vernissage of the artwork created during the Symposium.

November 12 & 13: visitors to the Centre Culturel de Magog will also have an opportunity to experience the exhibition ‘Works of Memory”, also featuring Créatio artists in collaboration with the Alzheimer Association of Estrie, to underline the 25th anniversary of this organization dedicated to the support of people suffering from this disease and those who care for them.

Information: 819.843-8200 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                  Centre Culturel de Magog,  81 rue Desjardins, Magog

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