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DIRECT FROM CITY HALL                               Journalist: Myriam Sainson

en direct de la ville de sherbrooke 2aThe Bursary program, organized by la Ville de Sherbrooke, involving Sherbrooke athletes, is in its 24th year, rewarding them for the excellence of their performances, in their selected discipline. The athletes, whose candidatures will be retained, will receive a sum of money toward their athletic future in their selected disciplines. The application deadline for these athletes is May 4, at the Town Hall of Sherbrooke, by filling a form which is currently accessible on the Web:

To be eligible for these bursaries, the athlete must be '' registered'', according to policies established by Sports Canada; must be an "elite" athlete or "part of a relief team" - a requirement set out by the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports; the athlete must be a member of the Quebec team and be classified '' as a hopeful '', according to standards of one's sporting Federation; must be a resident of la Ville de Sherbrooke -- if their status is that of a student, they must have lived in Sherbrooke, for a period of at least three years.

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As of April 13, 2012, the finalists of the Grand Prix du Livre 2012, of la Ville de Sherbrooke, include: (Creative Literary category) Lynda Dion -'' La dévorante'' with Editions du Septentrion; Louis Hamelin '' the Constellation of the Lynx '' with Éditions du Boréal; Patrick Nicol '' Les Cheveux mouillés'' with Lémeac Editions and in the Essay Category: Jacques Beaudry '' Le tombeau de Carlo Michelstaedter" with Editions Liber; Gilbert Boulanger ''L'alouette affolée'' with Lux Éditeur; Andre Lachance '' Délinquants, juges and bourreaux en Nouvelle-France" with Éditions Libre Expression.

1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in these two categories will be revealed, at the evening event to be held at the Theatre Granada, on May 15 (5 p.m.)

Information at (819) 821-8000, ext. 63288.


Photo 1 credit: Myriam Sainson

Photo 2 credit: la Ville de Sherbrooke

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