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LOOKING FOR YOUR COLLABORATION               Editor: Nancy Nourse

Date: March 15, 2012  Region: Sherbrooke

rdegroot collection"Do you own everyday objects that you have put away and which you are not attached to anymore?" Montreal artist Raphaëlle de Groot wishes to experience Derby Line and Stanstead. The core of her project lies in the objects she will be gathering from mid-February to mid-March, following relationships between acquaintances and connections beyond the border.

As part of 'the Stanstead Project' or 'How to Cross the Border: Part 2', organized by Foreman Art Gallery with guest curator Geneviève Chevalier, the artist Raphaëlle De Groot would like to meet and invite you to contribute to her collection of everyday objects. Do you own objects that you have put away and which you are not attached to anymore? Raphaëlle de Groot collects everyday objects that get accumulated sometimes without us knowing exactly why we don't just throw them away. She collects objects that have lost their meaning to us or their importance or which never had any importance at all.

Your collaboration in the artist's project will be the common thread of a work presented in July 2012, as part of the event 'Project Stanstead' or 'How to Cross the Border: Part 2'. Each participant contributing to the collection is invited to refer one person to the artist, amongst her or his acquaintances and who lives across the border. To participate, please contact us at 819-822-9600 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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