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THE FRAGILITY OF TWILIGHT                       Journalist: Myriam Sainson

March 15, 2012  Region: Sherbrooke

la fragilit du clair-obscur  2Sherbrooke's Philibert Bélanger - composer-songwriter-interpreter (rock'n'roll, folk, country) has just launched his latest EP with five original songs, dated March 13, 2012, under the title "Sous un ciel de vitre", recorded and produced by the renowned musician, André Papanicolaou, with his band - composed of Guillaume Gilbert, on the electric guitar, Pierre-Antoine Jacques on the drums and Sylvain Lussier (Harvest Breed) on bass - distribution by Outside. The Official launch took place on Thursday, March 15, 2012, at a "5 to 7", at Loubards. Philibert Bélanger will also be performing Saturday, March 24, at Antiquarius (10p.m), where the hard-rock group "Le Grand Nord" will also be taking to the stage. By leaving behind his past as a well-known guitarist for Vincent Vallières, he has become, today, an artist in his own rite, going on his own way, with his own inspirations, towards a future which is built on the progressive evolution of the present moment, without compromise and, without any desire to know a predetermined destination as in, "Le present est ici"....

During a telephone interview with Philibert, we soon discover the great depth of the nature of his human aspects and the limits of his recurring melancholy, in the midst of this unique experience which he is living today... An existentialist who is now more peaceful than before... i.e. 'before' refers to after his first album "Morceaux et petites pièces", launched in 2005, with concerts throughout Quebec to the Francofolies, in 2006. For him, this represents a period of blackness which would be prolonged until 2009 when the writing of songs would become difficult and the lack of the stage performances and bookings would be harshly felt and would give way to a crucial questioning of his future.

In 2009, he energetically recaptured the reins of his destiny, which is to be that of an interpreter, privileged by his own creations. Philibert is different even if his instinct for "high hopes" is always there. The maturity of a thirty-something-year-old and a much more harmonious intimatela fragilit du clair-obscur 1 environment gives reason to Philibert and his melancholy. For him, it is a question of proportioning, both of balance and of control. However, to a lesser degree, his nostalgia remains present in his latest album. While referring to the photograph on his album cover, created by Sylvain Lussier, one is aware of the twilight where the brittleness of the sky passes through the window pane, letting through a glimpse of light, on a road which stretches to infiniti... A whole symbolic system of symbiosis enters the photograph and the contents of songs like "Chemin faisant". Everything has changed for Philibert... his writing where the contents take on a dominating place in his life as composer-songwriter. He seems to attach less importance, with all that touches the musicality, since that comes from within... following his many years of practice as a guitarist...



Photo from album cover: Credit Sylvain Lussier

Photo of Philibert Bélanger: Credit Jocelyn Riendeau

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