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ARIANE MOFFAT                                                  Journalist: Myriam Sainson

Date: March 15, 2012  Region: Sherbrooke

ariiane moffat 1In her latest album MA, launched on February 29, 2012, Ariane Moffatt reveals the depths of her soul where her visceral impulses overflow into words, at the same time diverting and overflowing of an imperceptible freshness... All that is within her becomes, with maturity, increasingly assured, an intense emotional creation which seals the words of her songs, the musical arrangements, in a single and incomparable originality, where the voice becomes more and more suave and sensual... MA is the report of a successful evolution and, it is in all its interiority that I like and appreciate Ariane Moffatt, when the softness of her voice contrasts with the boiling of her soul, which is emptied upon the scene, as an abstract canvas of a painter... a surrealist and cerebral music which takes us away, deep within our own souls....

Composer-interpreter and producer of her own album, Ariane Moffatt is creative as well as a ariane moffat 4businesswoman, frequently honoured by the ADISQ and at the JUNO Awards, recognized as well internationally, particularly in France. She arrives on stage at the Granada Theatre, on March 30, 2012 (8:30p.m.), for a concert that will be unforgettable and unique, with its accents of rock'n'roll, pop and soul that knows how to reach us...I cannot forget the tune, "Je veux tout, tout de suite", which has mobilized the crowds in Quebec and in France. She is an engaged artist, in a process of creation which is renewed each time, for our great pleasure.

MA offers us 11 songs in English and in French, which puts in prospect the vacuum... which is, according to the description, "a sensory experiment of the vacuum as a substance, the interval, the duration, the distance, not that which separates but that which connects. The vacuum like ariane moffat 3matter to be felt, contemplated, heard". The vacuum like the abstraction of a timeless musical expression... I retained the album "Walls of the World", like a need for opening the world and especially "Mon corps" like the transcendence of her desires and her questionings as an artist and as a woman: "Quoi faire avec mon corps? »... "Le vendre? Le donner? ».... "Il va là où j'irai..". Superb and penetrating. A concert not to be missed! It should be noted that Ariane Moffatt will be in New York, on May 23, at Rockwood Music Hall and in Paris, on May 30, at the Nouveau Casino.

 Information and reservations at the Theatre Granada:

819- 565-5656

Ticket prices: $36 and $39 on Internet (tax included)


Photo: courtesy of Ariane Moffatt

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