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Journalist: Myriam Sainson  Date: October 31, 2011  Region: Sherbrooke

Direct from City Hall in Sherbrooke

The City of Sherbrooke, with the City of Magog, MRC Memphremagog and COGESAF, just received the Municipality, MRC and municipal organism prize at the 18th edition of the Gala of Excellence in Environment in the Townships, which was held October 25th at the Delta Hotel for the project: '' Plan directeur de l'eau (PDE) du bassin versant de la rivière Magog (Directive regarding the watershed that drains into the Magog River)''.

This project which began three years ago, started with '' the first stage which was to develop a territorial diagnostic on issues in the watershed of the Magog River. This exercise resulted in a ‘plan to improve water quality and ecosystems’ which would restore or maintain the recreational and tourist potential of the water''. It has also, as a result, developed the '' guide to integrated management of water in the basin, an example for municipalities to follow and concretise.  This guide has become a tool of reference for the other municipalities. The project was made possible thanks to the actions and interventions of farmers’ groups, forestry Direct from City  Hall in Sherbrookeworkers and manufacturers, industries and tourism. It has been proved that if we ''abolish the administrative limits'', everything will regulate itself so that the goals of the environmental project can be achieved.

Note : COGESAF…. Conseil de gouvernance de l'eau des bassins versants de la rivière Saint-François (Governing Council of the watersheds draining into the Saint-François River)


Photo 1: (photo credit : la Ville de Sherbrooke). The day after the ceremony, the team of the Environmental Division: Denis Gélinas, Director of Urban and Environmental infrastructures, Nathalie Perron, Agent for Environment Projects, Chantal Pelchat – Responsible for environmental projects and Christine Fliesen, Head of Environmental Division.

Photo 2: (photo credit: SM) from L to R:  Maurice Bernier - President of the Regional Council for the Environment of the Eastern Townships, Mayor Vicki May Hamm (Magog), Serge Forest - Municipal Councillor for the Borough of Rock Forest and President of the Environment Committee of the Ville de Sherbrooke, Gérard Marinovitch - Prefect of the MRC de Memphremagog , Richard Ravary – Assistant for the Townships Foundation for the Environment and Director of Environment for Cascades (East Angus).

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