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1. insoliteThe Beaulne Museum of Coaticook is presenting the exhibition Insolite (The Unexpected) by artists Serge Lavigne, Gérald Quirion and Pierrette Denault, from May 6 until June 24, 2012. The official opening was held on Sunday, May 6.

The exhibition presented by the trio of artists subscribes to the theme Insolite (The Unexpected). Painting, photography and writing create a kind of symbiosis in this exhibition that will bring both a smile and surprise by the singular, indeed strange, character of works, bringing together lightness and the unusual. For each artist, the challenge was to get out of her or his comfort zone by trying to illustrate the unusual concealed in the daily lives of humans or animals, common places or objects. In effect a place for the bizarre, the eccentric, the ludicrous, the unusual! Away from all seriousness... a place for works which will surprise...21 new works including watercolors, photographs, and texts.

The artists Serge Lavigne, Gérald Quirion and Pierrette Denault are, above all, long-time friends. They taught for many years in the same high school before retiring. Photography (Serge), painting (Gérald), and writing (Pierrette) are passions they share with pleasure, having already participated in several duo or trio exhibitions with the Aquarellistes du lundi. A definite must-see exhibit!

The Ministry of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women, and the City of Coaticook financially support the Beaulne Museum. Special thanks go to the Caisse Populaire Desjardins des Verts-Sommets de l'Estrie for its financial contribution.

Information: 819-849-6560


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