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Journalist: Myriam Sainson  Date: November 7, 2011  Region: Sherbrooke

A Gift from the Heart...A generous action of holiday giving on the part of the employees and support staff of the University of Sherbrooke (SEESUS), who remain on strike after 10 weeks, was unveiled before the media on November 3 (3 p.m.). They showed the handicrafts, gifts and toys that had been gathered in the offices of the SCFP, at 790 Rand Street. Michael Murray, representative for the SCFP-SEESUS and members of his executive council as well as a number of strikers were gathered in the large rooms, occupying themselves as best they could.

On one table, there was an arrangement of wool hats, scarves and gloves,  handmade by thirty-six women among the striking workers of the SEESUS, during their long hours of waiting for a satisfactory agreement to be offered by the direction of the University of Sherbrooke.  Thesenw042430e1acfdf213603f multi-coloured attractive articles are to be distributed among the less fortunate during the Holiday Season, given out through Estrie-Aide. Some of the strikers were loading the big white truck owned by Estrie-Aide’s Director Norman Groleau with boxes of warm items for the community.

Estrie-Aide is a well-established and respected, non-profit organization whose main mission, according to the Director ''is to give without receiving in return. Our charitable organization helps, on a daily basis, all individuals and, in  particular, families with low incomes. If the past is any indication of the future, Estrie Aide, with the help of its volunteers, its workers, its collaborators and, mostly, the help of thenwdc91074739110bbd6e38 population and major and corporative contributors, will continue to make a difference for several families and individuals living in poverty and crisis situations''.

For the employees and support employees of the University of Sherbrooke, there are actually two strike locations, one on chemin St. Catherine and one on Rand Street  (8:30 a.m. to 4:30p.m). We cannot help but wonder if there will be a Santa Claus for the strikers, before December 25th? 

More coverage to follow...

A Gift from the Heart...Information about Estrie-Aide : contact 819-346-9714


 Photo 1: A toasty collection of handmade wool hats, scarves and gloves...

Photo 2: Normand Groleau, director of Estrie-Aide, with Michel Murray, the women strikers and members of the executivePhoto 3: Boxes being loaded onto the Estrie-Aide truck...

Photo 4: Some of the women strikers who made the knitting    

Photo 5: Long hours of waiting at the strike location on Rand Street 
              Photos Myriam Sainson


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