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YOUR CANADIAN TIRE MONEY CAN HELP                           Editor: Nancy Nourse

Date: December 14, 2011  Region: Sherbrooke

une femmeThe number of homelesse people is increasing and ressources are dramatically insufficient, particularly, when it come to homeless women. Feeling concerned about this issue, Guylaine Cliche has decided to dedicate her first short film to homeless women. Producer, single parent and student at the University of Sherbrooke, Cliche is donating her time for this project, with the assistance of a team of professional and emerging artists. Plans are to shoot the film during the colder weather in February and have the film ready for release in October 2012.

Guylaine Cliche is collecting Canadian Tire paper money which will be used to provide the ten homeless women who have been recruited for this short film with the following items: backpack, sleeping bags, flashlights, water bottles. In addition, air mattresses will be purchased to allow them to sleep comfortably, during the day of the shoot.

At the end of the project, all mattresses, remaining food and other surplus items purchased will be sent to an existing organization that helps homeless women.

Canadian Tire money can be sent to:2011-12-12 003

Guylaine Cliche

CP 40025. Sherbrooke, Qc

J1J 0A1

Information on facebook: “La femme en toi” (the woman in you) or contact 819-577-5492


Photo by Leo Paul Gagnon

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