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NOMINATION TO GALA LES OLIVIER           Journalist: Myriam Sainson

nomin au gala les oilvier  1François Bellefeuille, long-time veteran of Comedy, a doctorate in this field and graduate from the École nationale de l'humor, humorist of the new generation, has been nominated for the matter and graduate of the national School of humour, new-wave humorist, is nominated for Les Olivier Gala 2012, which will take place on May 13, on Radio-Canada (7:30p.m.), in the category '' Humourist and Discovery of the Year" for "Union libre", which he has presented, in partnership with another humorist, Simon Leblanc, since the beginning of 2012, on most Québécois scenes, both Metropolan and areas.

'' Union Libre'' will be offered to Sherbrooke audiences, on Friday, April 20, 2012 (8:30p.m.) at the Granada Theatre. It is noteworthy that Simon Leblanc and François Bellefeuille were also winners of the Prix Révélation 2012, at the Gala Juste pour Rire...

François Bellefeuille has accumulated honors since 2011, following his participation in various events such as the Gala Juste pour Rire, with Laurent Paquin and Eric Salvail on Un gars le soir, on a Lib RV program and '' Devenir un expert en trois minutes" - soirées Juste pour rire. He also received the Prix Coup de cœur des media Zoofest. His last presentation '' Union libre '' has caused a fury everywhere and for these two companions who are '' two great examples of the changing humour in Quebec '', there is a place for coexistence on stage, during this 90 minute nomin au gala les olivier 2performance, but one cannot think of this scenario without this duo coming to mind. Each performer has his 45 minutes to convince the public, according to his personal inspirations all which do not seem to be contradictive but, on the contrary, are supplemented, in a marathon of impressive words and gestures.

Simon Leblanc bases his concepts on his family experiences and his entourage; François Bellefeuille's viewpoint, in the madness of the moment, may vary between depression, anger and constant hilarity -- a character who highlights dark humour, with complete freedom.

Information: or 819-565-5656

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