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Journalist: Myriam Sainson    Date: 2011-10-06    Region: SherbrookeNW1510061C43CEB18C95C4.bmp

Louise Bourgault, Vice President of the Sherbrooke Chamber of Commerce, has launched the annual recruitment campaign, on October 5, 2011, in Sherbrooke. This program is aimed at business people who have the desire to become deeply involved in the program “Sustainability-Estrie, active for 7 years, which involves businesspeople visiting pupils in high schools in the Sherbrooke Regional School ...

That same day, Bourgault welcomed the business people who have been participants in this same program in previous years and the program manager for CSRS, Chantal Hébert, with speakers from different high schools. Pérennité-Estrie” is an excellent program to promote students’ perseverance toward education...

This program is set up in collaboration with business partners, through lectures in schools, mini-courses and other more specific activities. For Louise Bourgault, the result is there: ''Some 7000 activities have been held over the last seven years. The commitment of our business community is greatly appreciated. All those who experience the program once, never say no the following year. This speaks volumes about the “win-win” formula, for both the student and the business men and women. Of course, we still need to conduct a recruitment period in order to attract new volunteers. Many will be with us today but we are launching the call for all business people interested in offering one or two hours of their time to this worthy cause: student perseverance in our schools.''

A concrete example of this program is volunteer Carolina Iannuzzi, franchisee of McDonald's restaurants, who for three years, ''has participated in a simulation session of employment for young people, making their lives easier during interviews in the real work world. ''This activity is under the responsibility of Caroline Dubois, a teacher at l’École du Triolet. Carolina Iannuzzi loves to share her experience with others: “My experience, over the last three years, to l’École du Triolet is one of the best in my life; the students that I meet with represent our future employees. It is important to share the benefits of perseverance and the completion of high school. I encourage all business people to take on this experience.''

Entrepreneurs and business people who are interested in participating as volunteers in this program should contact Louise Bourgault and the leaders of the CSRS at 819 822-6151 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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