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1.lisa tognon materia prima 5 2008 techniques mixtes sur fond gravThe Museum of Fine Arts in Sherbrooke presents 'Passages of Lisa Tognon'. This exhibition, produced and put into circulation by the House of Arts of Laval, will be on display until June 10, 2012. The curator of the exhibition, Rene Viau, wrote: "The title of the exhibition was chosen to underline the various passages which one observes in this artist".

The Artist, Lisa Tognon, holds a B.A. in Visual Arts, with a Major in Engraving at the University from Quebec in Montreal. The artist lives in Laval and works at her workshop in Montreal. In 1998, Lisa Tognon is prize winner of the Loto-Quebec Contest of Prints and received the Biennel Art and Paper III Prize for Excellence at the Galerie Jean-Claude-Bergeron. She also won the Jacques-Cartier Arts Prize, the same year,  decreed by the Town of Lyon during the Bienniale Internationale d'estampes miniatures. Works by Lisa Tognon can be found in several public and private collections. She will also present an exhibition in Cuba in 2012.

At the beginning, her work could be quite simply the passages and colors and passages of various techniques on the sheet. But beyond her propensity to remain with multiple modes to make and the various methods that she employs, the works of Lisa Tognon return unceasingly to new correspondence, with new passages. The sensitivity which the artist expresses requires us to remain alert and conscience vis-a-vis all the suggestions which animate her works". With the constant being the untouched sheets of  paper  - this white background creates a recipient for the composition, the works of Lisa Tognon invite us to truly immerse ourselves into the world of  light and  color. To create her work, Lisa Tognon collectively employs drawing, painting or a single print engraving, of raised ink or acrylic resin, and incrustations.

The artist introduces techniques which offer a fertile visual complicity -- referring to her works as the great natural phenomena likened to the primary elements : fire - as in the series Materia Prima which contains traces of combustion, water - Faire Surface,  air and the earth. After an introduction to matter, Tognon exhibits the matrices of pressed particle board (masonite) which she then uses them to create chantournant on the surface of certain works of checkers, the formatting is regrouping into  many "zones" for hooking into a differentiated display.

The exhibition is organized around various series, each one having its own atmosphere: Atlandide (2002), Outcome (2006), Materia Preceded (2008),Without word statement (2008-2009), In certain white moments (2009), Faire Surface (2010). The artist will create the original installation starting with floating papers and  her old engraving plates out of copper thus recycled. "Passages" represents a collection of about sixty of Lisa Tognon's works.

Information: 819.821-2115 or www.mbas.qc


Photo courtesy of Lise Boyer /Daniel Roussel

Materia Preceded 5, 2008, mixed techniques over engraved bottom

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