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YANNICK BERRUEL EXHIBITION        Journalist: Myriam Sainson                  

exposition yannick berruel 2Abstract and contemporary artwork by Sherbrooke artist-painter Yannick Berruel is currently on exhibit at the Café le Tassé (426 rue du Conseil, Sherbrooke) until June 16, 2012, during Café hours (Tuesdays to Saturdays). These seven new acrylic and technical mixed works reveal a certain luxuriant exoticism of colors and life, in yellows, blues and reds. An abundance of harmonies where ensuing brightness plays with exceptional gushes of energy is created, revealing the acrylic works "Alysse", "Byzance", "Kasbah", "Exode", "Harangue", "Luxuriance" and in mixed techniques "Khartoum". This is an exhibit worth taking the time to discover, while sipping a cup of Café le Tassé's marvellous expresso...

Yannick Berruel, who holds a Certificate in Visual Arts from UDÀM, expresses his artistic ability, in a clear and determined way, which can then be transmitted easily to the general public: "I arrived at painting by way of photography, pottery and sculpturing. The organic forms of my abstract art come to me from my photography experience. My current research focuses on color. I am guided by movement, varying with the moment and my feelings. In exposition yannick berruel 3addition to the acrylic resin, I use a mix of materials like pastes, fibres and paper collage, in some of my works".

Yannick Berruel has attended many workshops like the Beauvoir workshop with Chantal Touchette, the Labelle workshop, Durant with Francine Labelle, the Kaf Art workshop with France Houle and Eneida Hernendez, the Sfumato workshop with Carole Pellerin and the workshop on movement with Andrée Bernard.

Berruel's exhibition can be seen Tuesdays to Fridays, 7p.m. – 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 8a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Café le Tassé. His artwork will also be exhibited from May 4 to August 4, 2012 at C la galerie at 920 King West, Sherbrooke.

Information: (819) 812-3955 or


Photo credits: Myriam Sainson

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