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renelle anctil 2012At the Delta Hotel, several hundreds of people applauded the nomination of Renelle Anctil as the 26th 'Grand Estrienne 2012'. She will go down in history as only the fourth woman in 25 years to receive this honor. Renelle succeeds André L'Espérance in 2011... Estelle Gobeil was the first in 1995, Lynn Charpentier was elected in 1997 and Monique Compagna in 2004...

Renelle Anctil is well-known as the co-owner of the Anctil Group, which includes several RONA Renovation Centers, including RONA l'Entrepôt (Warehouse) of Sherbrooke. She has succeeded at what few people, however passionate, have managed to do. Before April 20, 2012, no one working in the sector of retail sales had received such an honour. One can count on the fingers of just one hand the number of Estrien personalities who have been able to bring together as many people coming from such different horizons (sector of the businesses, Community, institutional) as Renelle Anctil. "Renelle is Renelle – she is true and authentic, not afraid to seem ridiculous and she certainly does not have her tongue in her pocket". People recognize it and love this about her.

Following the official announcement regarding Renelle Anctil, Dany Sévigny (Location Sévigny), as President of the Chamber of Commerce of Sherbrooke, expressed the views of many: "We are very proud of Madame Anctil, an accomplished businesswoman who never hesitates to volunteer her time. Her contribution to the community is remarkable"...


Photo credit: René Marquis


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