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CAFÉ LE TASSÉ                                                    Journalist: Myriam Sainson

caf de quartier photo 1Far too often, in urban areas, neighbourhood life is neglected, which has a direct consequence of destroying all social relations between residents, who no longer seem to mingle and try to get to know one another. All of this is to the benefit of large shopping centres which attract these people and capture their interest. Fortunately, private local initiatives support the revitalization of districts and the restoration of a given sector of the city. The Sherbrooke area is no stranger to this phenomenon but the arrival of a new trade can revive a whole district.

The district of the Parish of St Jean-Baptiste (Fleurimont district) is an obvious example of this process, with the opening of the Café le Tassé, on June 20, 2010, at 426 rue du Conseil, the ground floor of a century-old house, built in the 1890s. Each morning, from Tuesday to Friday, starting at 7 a.m., and 8 a.m. on Saturdays, until 8 p.m., one can have a breakfast, in an atmosphere of serenity, by ordering one of best expresso in the place. The youngcaf de quartier photo 2 owner of the Café, Samuel Lessard Beaupré, is happy to take part in this revitalization. He also solved a parking problem, by inviting people of the district to walk to his Café ... a beneficial activity, in terms of both health and social exchanges!

Decorated in all its simplicity and jute curtains, the Café beckons to the customer with a promise of intimacy and relaxation. One discovers a room also being used to exhibit abstract art canvases, with a recessed area for reading, relaxation or working on laptops, away from troublesome distractions...Toward the rear of the Café, an impressive counter where one may order all the delicacies and comfort foods which are available there: pastries, Viennese pastries and the famous almond biscotti - dipped in a layer of chocolate, an item which is the centre of attraction at the Café, best when soaked in black coffee or with milk... You will not find this delicacy anywhere else as they are made especially for Café le Tassé... You can also order an expresso in the place of an ordinary cup of coffee...the owner makes this item a source of his daily pride.caf de quartier photo 3

For a midday appetite, one can adapt a meal to include a duet of paninis, soup, salad, grilled salmon, roasted vegetables, beef, pork or chicken... all this at competitive prices which testify to the quality of the products offered and their rich diversity. A place to relax and recharge, in all its tranquility...

caf de quartier photo 4 Information: 819-791-2211 or


Photo 1: Owner Sam Lessard Beaupré at the counter.

Photo 2: A decor of simplicity...

Photo 3: Delicious biscotti ... a special favourite

Photo 4: A nook for relaxation and reading.

Photo credits: Myriam Sainson

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