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ÉTIENNE SAINT-AMANT - A FINALIST          Journalist: Myriam Sainson

tienne saint-amand finaliste 1Within the framework of the competition "Mini-Prints International-Asia-Pacific" which were held, in Melbourne, Australia, the Sherbrooke artist Étienne Saint-Amant was chosen as the top 5 finalists, among the 50 artists and more, 5 artists who will share the sum of $25,000 USD, a prize of $5000 USD each, to help promote their respective careers on the international scene. This contest involved more than 200 miniature prints displayed at the Gallery QV, created by artists from 17 different countries throughout the world. A first of its kind for Australia, with a diversity of miniature prints: engravings, lithographs, silkscreen prints, mezzotint printmaking, woodworking and digital prints, this exhibition was held from April 5-15, at the NO VACANCY Gallery, in Melbourne...

The participating artists, whose deadline for application was October 31, 2011, were then subjected to strict eligibility criteria, by a qualified jury of experts at the international level. Étienne Saint-Amant, as for all the other competitors, had to submit 4 prints - 3.9 X 3.9 inches in size, on a 7.1 x 7.1 inch paper maximum, without any framework or glass, accompanied by an elaborate curriculum vitae of the individual artist. This competition represented a golden opportunity for Étienne Saint-Amant who continues his creative work, with a planetary vision of its art.etienne saint-amant 2

For Saint-Amant, his works depicting mathematics as "matter and pigments" come from "a long process of questioning and using these elements to compose with. In a world where all is indirect and abstract, my challenge is to forge mathematics in order to reach good notes, sound emotions, good energy" and continue to work more on the artistic mission which it gives itself, by clarifying the cause of such chaos: "The awakening of these implications of the chaotic mechanisms occupies a dominating place in my vision of nature. Chaos, for me, is the total causality of the phenomena according to the deterministic prospect. It is not a question of looking at the unstable and disordered side of chaos but rather its true force: a fundamental, creative and evolutionary power. My artistic vision is strongly influenced by this scenario".

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Photo of the artist credit: Yves Harnois

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