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$7M IN LOAN GUARANTEES                              Journalist: Myriam Sainson

7 m pour des projets dentreprises photo 1 

On this rainy, winter morning of Monday April 23, 2012, Deputy Monique Gagnon-Tremblay (Haut- Saint-François) - Minister for International Relations, Minister responsible for the Francophonie, Minister responsible for Estrie arrived around 10 a.m., at Motrec International (200 rue des PME in Sherbrooke -Bromptonville sector), for the first press conference of the day, in the building’s cafeteria. On behalf of Minister Sam Hamad - Minister for Economic Development, Innovation and Export, Minister responsible for the National Capital, Deputy Gagnon-Tremblay announced nearly $7M in projects, involving Estrien companies Motrec International Inc, Séquoia Industries and Mayer Intégration. Attending this event were the heads of each of these companies: Blair J.M McIntosh – Motrec; Rene Couture - President of Sequoia Industries and his son Alexandre Couture - Vice-President, Martin Guernon, Vice-President of research and development; René Bellerose - representing the President of Mayer Intégration (Photo1).

This funding by Investment Quebec will be allocated, in the form of loan guarantees. The Minister emphasized the important role that these three Estrie companies play on the International scene, by means of their innovations which are exported throughout the world and7m de projets dentreprises photo 2 on the fact that “companies from Estrie are among the most dynamic in all of Quebec. They contribute to the strength of the Quebec economy, and it is with pride that the Government of Quebec supports them in their successful projects, like those announced today.” Motrec, Séquoia Industries and Mayer Intégration are strategic enterprises which contribute to the economic and social prosperity of the region of Estrie. They also demonstrate great pride in encouraging ‘niches of excellence’.

Blair J.M McIntosh - President of International Motrec Inc, explained that the company was founded in Sherbrooke in 1989, employs forty workers who manufacture a whole range of small electric and combustion industrial vehicles which ensure the transport of people and materials. This project, under a loan guarantee of $987,000, is a resumption of credits to Motrec which, thanks to governmental assistance, “will improve performance and help maintain its competitive edge in increasingly competitive markets”.

Séquoia Industries (since 2004), have developed, with its forestry expertise, a biomass power generator, using deadwood from rotten and polluting forests - intended for clean heating of industrial buildings or farms, with the aim of reducing toxic emissions into the atmosphere. For Rene Seams (President): “this assistance from the Government of Quebec (loan guarantee of7m en projets dentreprises photo 3 $315,000) will enable us to continue our modernization process. Our new heating equipment, in addition to preserving our forests by recovering wood waste, will produce fewer negative emissions, for the greater benefit of everyone”. This process represents “the smokeless fire” of the future.

As for Mayer Intégration, “an integrator for the BRP Co. in Estrie, it also specializes in the manufacture of gauges and prototypes” such as the luggage-trailer for the Bombardier Spider or the 20,000 seats for the Toronto subway system. This is a sourcing company and not a manufacturing one. With a loan guarantee of $350,000, the company will increase its liquidities necessary for its expansion projects.

Minister Monique Gagnon-Tremblay then proceeded to her second press conference, at 11:15 a.m., at the Rackam Company (99, rue des PME), a company which makes and promotes thermal solar technologies, since 2009, creating a commercial window, in Spain, through a collaboration of the European company Investeco Hispania and the financial support of the Ministry for Economic Development, Innovation and Quebec Exportation.

For Mathieu Chagnon, President of Rackam: “the realization of this project marks a very important stage in the growth of our company and, after a first project with the Chagnon Dairy of Waterloo, we are extremely proud to have a presence on the Mediterranean market”.

On April 24, 2012, Minister Monique Gagnon-Tremblay also announced, on behalf of Minister 7m de projets dentreprises photo 4Julie Boulet - Minister for Employment, Social Solidarity and Minister responsible for Mauricie and Jean-Luc Tahan - President of the Commission of Partners in the Labour Market, an investment of $102,405 for the training of 14 workers in automobile detailing.

The Minister then summarized her announcement by saying that “undertaking development activities make labour more efficient and effective, thus increasing the productivity of the companies”.


Photo 1: Minister Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, surrounded by the heads of the companies concerned.

Photo 2: International Motrec Inc

Photo 3: Alexandre Couture and Martin Guernon de Sequoia

Photo 4: Rackam Company

Photo credits: Myriam Sainson

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