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FONDS ECO IGA                                                Journalist: Myriam Sainson

fonds co  iga 1 Within the framework of the celebration of Earth Day, on April 22, the MRC of Haut-Saint-François presented a program designed to sensitize elementary school children to the importance of recycling dangerous domestic residues (RDD), in collaboration with QUÉBÉC'ERE. This project is financed by the Fonds Éco IGA, created in 2008, throughout Quebec, in order to carry out ecological projects. 400 projects have already been created. $5,430 has already been accorded to the MRC du Haut-Saint-François, half of which has been used to acquire 15 ‘lombricomposters’. The other half will be a useful investment in acquisition and distribution of four battery collectors, to be placed at four schools: Notre Dame du Paradise (Dudswell) , la Source-Vive (Ascot Corner) , Le Parchemin côté Collège (East Angus) et Saint-Camille (Cookshire-Eaton).

This project is based on a school activity ''Attention Toxic!'' which is the result of a concrete action by young people, regarding environmental protection. For Prefect Nicole Robert, '' the consolidation of depot locations for domestic batteries in the MRC schools allows young people in our area to actively take part in the safeguarding of the environment ''.

The reaction of Gilles Denis, owner of the IGA of Cookshire-Eaton, was also spontaneous: '' Thanks to the collaboration of the Fonds Éco IGA, we are very proud to be able to contribute to the realization of environmental projects in our MRC. This initiative will make it possible for many pupils to concretely take part in the safeguarding of our environment ''.

Fonds IGA represents an active participation of the merchants of this banner who have engaged, for the 4th consecutive year, in the Earth Day event. $4M is to be invested in projects which touch the environment, distributed throughout the Province of Quebec.

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