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1. photo. mlissa  ghislainThe Beaulne Museum invites you to plunge into the marvelous world of colors, forms and images created by artist Mélissa Tardif, then into the fantastic world of music with guitarist Ghislain Caron. You will have the opportunity to see and hear these works in a simultaneous fashion. Throughout your visit, an audio tool will enable you to hear a musical presentation associated with each artwork. This exhibition "A mutual accord between brush and guitar" introduces artists Mélissa Tardif (painter) and Ghislain Caron (guitarist, composer) -- April 1 until June 3, 2012.

For her first exhibition, artist Mélissa Tardif joins guitarist /composer Ghislain Caron in presenting a very particular style of presentation where visual art meets music. This exhibition represents a double event where visitors will be able to enjoy the canvases of this young painter and assist in the launch of the instrumental album by this talented and experienced musician. 12 large canvases mlissa tardifassociated with 12 musical pieces will be presented to you in this fashion.

The works of Mélissa Tardif will carry you into her naïf and surrealistic world. All about contrasts, oscillating between heat and cold, euphoria and reflexion, dreams and the tangible, this presentation will help you discover artwork that is both touching and soothing. Through her first exhibition, she wishes to immortalize the fruit of her social implications, to nourish her aspirations for a better world, realized in an artistic way.

Ghislain Caron has accumulated more than 30 years of experience as a guitarist, touching on several musical styles. We find him today not only with a solid background in guitar, but also involved in all that relates to musical composition. All this quite naturally brings him to the following place as an artist: a time to benefit from the diversity of his experiences to create his ghislain caronown musical universes. He believes that the key to where he finds himself now in his career comes from his desire to create music based on his own life's lessons and his personality, with an added objective of revealing all the richness of the sound of the guitar. He finally feels ready to diffuse his musical beliefs and his colors as a composer to the greater public by creating a complete album.

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