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le savoir-faire de princesse kassandra 1In March 2012, Chez Béliveau Publishing released the first volume of a Guide to Good Manners, directed toward young people of less than 12 years of age. The first volume follows the story of Princess Kassandra, entitled "Princesse Kassandra et Chevalier Inox ", written by 14-year-old Kassandra Paré who is a writer, actress, and daughter of author Sandra Paré who published "Savoir vivre", for girls and boys (2011). It seems that Kassandra is following in her Mother's footsteps in writing about courteousness and respect geared toward her generation who, in some regard, need support and guidance in the ways of proper etiquette and protocol, to better their personal and social skills for the years ahead. The text for these practical guides to proper etiquette is presented in conjunction with brightly-coloured and inviting illustrations by Eric Péladeau.

This three-part series will transport young readers into various universes, the first of which is the Middle Ages. Kassandra Paré touches on this particular historical period where manners and customs could be considered both courteous and harsh, all at the same time, according to one's status in the levels of the Seigneury. Imagine, Princess Kassandra and the Knight, faced with a serious question of etiquette, upon being invited to the castle of her parents, on May 16, of the year of her Majesty eight hundred and sixteen, a scenario which appeals to young girls and boys, particularly those who still dream of romanticism and knighthood...

From the poem, "Murmure chevaleresque", from the collection Âme de chevalier by Marc Paradis, Princess Kassandra sets the scene for her teachings and the nature of her feelings for thele savoir-faire de princesse kassandra 2 Knight:

« Mon château naquit au temps

Tes yeux clairs m'ont séduit

Le plus beau joyau qui brille

Point de plus beau visage

Ton doux murmure que j'entends

De mon havre de paix »

With a very special dedication, "To parents and teachers, from the feather and the inkwell, with the corner of the pages representing one of the historical capsules located at the end of the book", one is invited to flip through the 32 pages, each rule enacted by Princess Kassandra and the Knight, becoming automatic such as the courtesy, to removing one's boots and that of bringing flowers to one's hostess, cleanliness, respect and a firm handshake...

This is a guide that should be made available not only to parents, but also educational establishments! (Price: 12.95$). Kassandra Paré also gives conferences in schools, libraries and book salons, upon request. Contact Kassandra at

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Photos: Courtesy of Chez Béliveau Publishing.

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