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$50,000 IN FUNDING FOR CASCADES                      Editor: Nancy Nourse 

 Date: March 8, 2012  Region: Haut St. François

cascades east angus.jpg communiqu 1On March 8, 2012, Johanne Gonthier - Deputy of Mégantic-Compton, announced, on behalf of Clément Gignac - Minister of Natural Resources and Fauna and Minister in charge of the Northern Plan, that $49,876 in financial assistance is being granted to Cascade Canada ULC toward the improvement of the energy effectiveness of the paperboard machine of their East Angus factory, located in Estrie.

"We are happy to support Cascades Canada which, with this change made to its equipment, will steer the company toward a more sustainable development status by reducing its heavy fuel oil consumption", underlined the Deputy of Mégantic-Compton.

Currently, the combustion gases caused by the hot air furnaces of the dryers are being rejected to the outside of this East Angus factory. These improvements will make it possible to redirect these gases towards the sectors of the drying room, which will save this hot air necessary for drying. In the long run, this will result in savings of 39.630 liters of heavy fuel oil and 449.460 m ³ of natural gas, which translates into a reduction of 980 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, of CO2.

"The goal of the targeted reduction of the gas emissions for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gases fixed by our government rests on the use of less detrimental energy for the environment. The goal of recovering combustion gases of Cascades Canada is a first class decision. The company is making responsible environmental choices. It is a step moreover towards obtaining the objectives of our Action Plan for Climatic Change", concluded Minister Gignac.

Program reduction of the heavy fuel oil consumption

The program for the reduction of heavy fuel oil consumption enables heavy fuel oil used by consumers to take a turn toward durable development and to improve their competitive position by reducing their consumption. Financial assistance is offered for the realization of analyses such as the establishment of measurements of energy effectiveness or for conversion towards less polluting sources of energy, such as natural gases, electricity and the forest biomass.

This program of the Bureau de l'efficacité et de l'innovation énergétiques du ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune is financed by the Green Fund , within the framework of Step 1 of the 2006-2012 Action plan on climatic changes.

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