In Celebration of the Fleur-de-lys

crmonie du drapeau 1a SHERBROOKE: On Monday, January 21, 2012, Premier Pauline Marois underlined in her symbolic speech, intended in celebration of the fleur-de-lis which has become a symbol representing the province of Quebec since 1948, a date which ended the "reign of the Union Jack". The Premier announced, in view of this fact, that the celebration of the fleur-de-lis would become an annual event, to be held on January 21, instead of every five years, as had been previously done... In fact, 2013 Quebecers will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Journée du Drapeau (National Flag Day). The Society of Saint-Jean-the-Baptist of the diocese of Sherbrooke held a large celebration in honor of this occasion, at the commemorative brunch (Sunday, January 20), which was twinned with the presentation of the "Imalda Lefebvre" 2013 prize for outstanding community involvement.

Crmonie du drapeau -3aAt this celebration, Pierre Thériault was welcomed as Guest of Honor. This gentleman has not only left his mark within the history of the Saint-Jean-the-Baptist Society of the Diocese of Sherbrooke but also as President and CEO of the Séminaire de Sherbrooke. The reputation of Pierre Thériault was well-established even before he took on his new position at the Séminaire de Sherbrooke, in his role as Vice-Principal of l'École La Ruche (Magog), a position he held until his departure in June 2012. As part of the Commission scolaire des Sommets, Thériault was very involved in the school drop-out program and the new gymnasium project which was evaluated at $22M. In his new position, he plans to focus on the development and outreach programs of the Séminaire de Sherbrooke.

The commemorative celebration came to a symbolic close, gathering around the flag, repeating in unison: "À mon drapeau, je promets d'être fidèle (To my flag, I promise to be true)"....

The 2013 "Imalda Lefebvre" award was given to Richard Duquette, owner of Pâtisserie crmonie du drapeau- 2aDuquette and a man who was invested in the social development of his immediate community and that of the surrounding region. Businessman Richard Duquette is well-known for his support of many charitable activities, over the years, in particular the Golf tournament to benefit the Aube Lumière. Duquette was also the recipient of the "Charles-Emile Bélanger Award" in 2012, given by the Saint-Jean-the-Baptist Society of the Diocese of Sherbrooke - first given on June 21, 1986.

Information: or 819.569-5171

Photos: courtesy of the Saint-Jean-the-Baptist Society of the Diocese of Sherbrooke.

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