Modern Art 2013

PARIS: I recently received an invitation to take part in “Rendez-vous de l’art moderne et contemporain”, to be held at the Grand Palais, in Paris, from March 28 to April 1. I am really tempted to attend…. This is a gigantic international event, for contemporary art lovers throughout the world. The absence of participation by Canadian galleries, I find to be deplorable, however. The only galleries representing North America are from New York such as the Galerie Richard, la Galerie Michel Soskine Inc. and the Zûrcher Gallery.

This exceptional and grandiose collective exhibition will take place, in the exhibition halls of the Grand Palais, built and inaugurated with great circumstance, under IIIe République française. “ART NOUVEAU”, a worthy architectural representation of the heyday of the 19th century, is today recognized as a part of our heritage - “6500 m2 under the prestigious glass roof of the Grand Palais at the center of Paris”… This event, of great proportion, “affirms its singular identity as a European Expo”, highlighting the many talents of Eastern and Central Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

This exhibition welcomes 140 art galleries, representing 21 countries with the theme focusing around five key discoveries. The first guest of honor is Russia which will present a panoply of Russian artists, dating from 1930 to today, representative of art galleries from Moscow - Rostov sur le Don (Saint-Petersbourg) and a wealth of others. The exhibition “Promesses” is dedicated to the promotion of young galleries (less than 5 years in existence), in celebration of new talents.

The “Art-design” exhibition highlights contemporary design - “an exploration of the links between design and contemporary art”, with a selection by 8 galleries. The conference series is being followed with interest, especially, the one by Ekatherina Iragui - “Russian artists of today finding a place between glamour and political activism” and that of March 29, entitled: “Sarajevo au cœur de l'Europe”. Lastly, the “Artists-4-life” conference is being sponsored by “Dessine l’espoir”, an organization for the prevention of VIH/SIDA in Africa.


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