Uplands: 'Somewhere on the 20'

uplands exhSHERBROOKE – Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre (9 Speid St. in the borough of Lennoxville) is pleased to present the photography exhibit: Quelque Part sur la 20 (Somewhere on the 20). The exhibition will run until March 10, 2013. For some time when traveling between Quebec and Montreal, a landmark captured our attention, the Madrid. From a distance, we could see the impressive dinosaurs and Monster trucks. Was the Madrid tacky, ugly or outdated? Perhaps, but despite this assumed ugliness, the Madrid had its place in our collective mind.

Must we, on behalf of modernization, destroy buildings, ways of living, or objects that belong to the past? The Madrid provokes this question, because although it was weird in its display, it was popular and had personality. Over the years, its character managed to keep its status and maintain its reputation. Can we say the same thing of these new buildings whose architecture is based on general franchised styles? Is it on the altar of renewal that we sacrifice the personality or even the uniqueness of some things on behalf of progress? Through the use of photography, theses three Sherbrooke artists: Jean Beaudoin, Jean-François Dupuis and Clemz have decided to question our tendency to obliterate the past and preserve this piece of heritage through their art. Whether you love or hate it, the Madrid was part of our collective memory.

Jean Beaudoin

For two years his work has revolved around Lomography, returning to the source of the pictures in low - fi. Beaudoin’s approach thus includes shooting ¨spontaneously¨. Without any preconceived idea of the upcoming picture, “I am trying to implement visual variations, [which are] unusual and interesting. My goal is to bring the "viewer" back to the magic and the purity of the moment whether they face it or pass it by”.

Jean-François Dupuis

For 20 years, primarily through pictures, Polaroid transfer, and painting, Dupuis has developed a pictorial language in order to unveil the atmosphere within a singular imagination. This sensitivity is inspired by the uplands - 2subconscious, expressionism, dream symbolism and personal experiences with scenic imagery and ambiance., “The theme of dreams is very present in my work, it is often portrayed by interpretations of ambient scenes staged through dynamic compositions with a graphic flare”.


In the era of hy[per]fection generated by digital photography, Clemz goes to its antipode presenting blurry; overexposed; poorly calibrated images with singular framing. This photographic counterculture is the essence of his work. Using the foundations of lomography as his main approach has proven to be the cornerstone of his creations. Using low-fi as his aesthetic approach, the artist highlights the ambiance. His works consist mainly of industrial objects, abandoned buildings or other artefacts relating to industry and its products. The crude look of his images defines his canvases. Most of his creations are the result of an instinctive poetico-trash expression composed with a feeling of abandonment and desolation.

Opening Hours:

Wednesday through Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., starting February 6, 2013.

Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre 9 Speid St., Sherbrooke J1M 1R9

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