Deputy Reid: 'It is an Unjustified Threat'

Pierre Reid 2013MAGOG: “While calling in question the bilingual status of several municipalities of Canton-de-l”Est and of Quebec, the Parti Québécois government launches an unjustified threat against vulnerable anglophone communities. ” Thus the deputy of Orford brings this realization to the attention of the Minister responsible for the Charter of the French language, Diane De Courcy, the latest move to revoke the bilingual status of several municipalities by creating a discretionary capacity within the framework of the Bill 14.

Having discussed the matter with representatives of the nine bilingual municipalities of the MRC de Memphrémagog, the Deputy of Orford believes that the government of Quebec should be interested in other elements of defense of the French language which more represent the true interests of Quebec than to be caught up with the bilingual status historically conferred upon several communities.

“Because they are confronted with an aging population, the anglophone communities of the Canton-de-l’Est were given said priority to keep their young people in the area, to repatriate their children who work elsewhere in Quebec, in the remainder of Canada and in the United States and to attract young couples. Unfortunately, Bill 14 which makes it possible for the Minister to withdraw the bilingual status of a municipality adds a major obstacle to the goal of our anglophone communities to revitalize itself after 6, 8 or even 10 generations of membership in the Canton-de-l’Est and Quebec”, noted the Deputy of Orford.

Pierre Reid feels that the deputy of Saint-François and Minister responsible for the area of Estrie, Réjean Hébert, should not be insensitive to this threat, a person whose mandate is also to represent and to support the anglophone communities of his riding of Saint-François.

“The anglophone communities of the Canton-de-l’Est are vulnerable vis-a-vis this threat and it is up to Minister Hébert to put pressure on his colleague De Courcy to withdrawn from Bill 14 the government’s discretionary capacity to revoke the bilingual statute of a municipality. I intend to meet with the Minister as soon as possible to see how we can help our anglophone communities to ensure their sustainability, via a grandfather clause”, specified Pierre Reid.

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