Speaking out against Bill 14

1-en direct de la ville de sherbrookeSHERBROOKE: The Quebec Liberal Party regional President, Martine Gendron, welcomes Sherbrooke’s resolution and asks Réjean Hébert and Serge Cardin to stand up for the English speaking community in the Eastern Townships and vote against the controversial Bill 14.

On Tuesday, Sherbrooke City Council unanimously voted in favour of a resolution demanding that only a resolution from the concerned boroughs could lead to the loss of their bilingual status. Mme Gendron insists that Serge Cardin and Réjean Hébert must come clear on where they stand on this Bill and defend the interests of the English-speaking community.

“There is a need to reach a balance between the protection of the French language and individual liberties. It is clear that this Bill is unbalanced when a community like Lennoxville, who is a pillar in the development of the region and a key player for the English-speaking community in the Eastern Townships, may lose its bilingual status. There is now a clear consensus with the unanimous adoption of a resolution by the Sherbrooke City Council. Mr. Hébert and Mr. Cardin must defend the interests of the Lennoxville citizens who could lose their right to receive their boroughs’ communications in the language MP Serge Cardin of their choice”, says Mme Gendron. 

Lennoxville could lose its bilingual status if the Marois government’s proposed legislation passes. The borough of Lennoxville would no longer be allowed to send information to its resident in both languages. Other critics of the Bill have been raised, especially regarding the negative economic outcomes for Small and Medium Enterprises.


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