Quinco Receives Funding

MP Serge Cardin MAGOG: On April 15, MP Serge Cardin (Sherbrooke) on behalf of Élaine Zakaïb, Minister in charge of Industrial Policy and the Bank of Economic Development of Quebec, announced financial support ($50,000) for Quinco & Cie Inc, a Magog company specializing in the design of self-adhesive mural tiles which can be used to camouflage old ceramics.

“It is the priority of our government to support the creation of jobs in all regions of Quebec. By lending our support to specific projects, we consolidate the regional forces and promote their dynamism”, commented Serge Cardin, “With our support, Quinco, which already has twenty or so employees, will be able to consolidate current jobs and offer 10 new short-term positions. Moreover, the company will be able to continue its quest for new markets. This is very good news for Estrie! ”

This financial aid is specifically geared toward helping Quinco acquire new equipment and to move its installation into a more aptly suited location for their business, a project evaluated at $866,450. The owners of Quinco estimate that they will then be able to increase productivity. This new project includes the establishment of a new technology involving a faster and more effective means of drying and applying the resin, which will make it possible to widen the company’s line of goods, in particular, with the addition of 3D products.

“To distinguish themselves, Quebec companies must show signs of innovation”, underlined Élaine Zakaïb, “Our government feels that it is its duty to encourage them in this direction, especially when it relates to increasing their productivity. With the recent creation of the Bank of Economic Development of Quebec and the implementation of the Industrial Policy, we have created two major tools for Quebec and its entrepreneurs, two tools to help them face current economic challenges. ”

Currently, Quinco carries out sales mainly in Quebec, France and the United States. The company would like to expand its Canadian market and claim its share of the American market.

“The support of the Quebec government is essential for the continuation of our growth”, affirmed Élaine Paquin, President and founder of Quinco, “This financing will help us to accelerate our efforts in development and to widen the range of products we are able to offer. We will be better able to ensure the sustainability of our company and to reinforce our position. This will also enable us to meet the needs of our increasing clientele and hopefully to conquer new markets.”

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