$410,000 Invested in Home Renovation

MRC de MemphremagogMAGOG: The MRC du Memphrémagog takes a very favorable look at the funding invested in 2012 within the framework of various supplementary programs involving home renovations, available within its territory. In all, $411,039 has been allotted for low income households/homes of handicapped people of the MRC in order to enable them to renovate or adapt their home:

Residences adapted for autonomous seniors (LAAA) – $5,787.

The purpose of the LAAA program is to help 65 + year old seniors, with a low income, who need to make minor modifications to their homes so that they can continue to live there in a safe and autonomous manner. This financial assistance takes the form of a subsidy (up to $3,500) if the work is carried out by a licensed contractor, meeting the guidelines of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

Program adaptation of one’s home (PAD) -

The purpose of the PAD funding ($266,415) is to make it possible for a handicapped person to carry out his/her daily activities within their home and thus, prolong the ability to stay in one’s own home. The program consists of a grant to the owner of the residence for the completion of acceptable adaptations, up to $16,000, for qualifying individuals.

Program for Emergency Repairs (PRU)

The PRU, with an envelope of $133,061, represents financial assistance ($5,776) to low-income home-owners living in a rural area and who must carry out urgent work on their residence to correct major defects representing a threat for the safety or the health of the occupants. This funding will cover 100% of the acceptable costs recognized, up to $6,000 – RénoVillage. This program makes it possible for these home-owners to carry out the necessary renovations. This funding can reach 90% of the acceptable costs, up to $10,000. These programs are managed by la Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ), in collaboration with the MRC du Memphrémagog.

Those wishing to file a request for financial assistance or to obtain more information on one of these programs may contact Pierre Laliberté, a qualified inspector and contact person for the MRC du Memphrémagog: 819-346-3772 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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