Nine Projects Receive Financial Support

2.MRC de MemphremagogMAGOG: The MRC du Memphrémagog announces financial assistance for nine projects within the framework of Pacte Rurale. These projects will receive a total financial aid of $390,596:

The Municipality of Canton of Potton Project: Development of a leadership program for the municipality’s summer day camp. Funding granted: $3,696.

CLD of the MRC du Memphrémagog Project: Create a position for someone to work on the urban development of Stanstead, and the surrounding municipalities of the Canton of Stanstead and Ogden. Funding granted: $10,000.

Solidarity Co-operative of Austin Project: Production of studies and business strategies for the development of a fiber optic network within the municipality. Funding granted: $50,000.

Co-operative of solidarity of Petits Ziboux Project: Support for the development of a co-operative day care service, Petits Ziboux. Funding granted: $22,300.

Isle des marais Project: Repair of the footbridges on the site of Marsh Island in Katevale. Funding granted: $30,000.

Municipality of Ayer' s Cliff Project: Construction of a pavilion and boardwalk on the shores of Lake Massawippi. Funding granted: $100,000.

Municipality of Saint-Etienne-of-Bolton Project: Construction of a modest-sized multi-purpose platform in the municipal park. Funding granted: $15,000.

Municipality of Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley Project: Construction of a large multi-purpose platform in the municipal park and the purchase of sporting equipment. Help granted: $59,600.

Municipality of Hatley Project: Repair of Saint-James Hall and its conversion into a Community Center. Funding granted: $100,000.

Pacte Rurale is a source for financial assistance granted within the framework of the second phase of the Politique nationale de la ruralité (2007-2014), designed to ensure the development of rural communities and to stimulate a dynamic occupation of the region.

The next deadline for the presentation of new projects is September 9, 2013. Information is available on the MRC website at, under the heading ‘RURALITÉ’.

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