Beaulne Museum: Bourassa and Marchand

Z.-Bourassa--C.-MarchandCOATICOOK: The Beaulne Museum of Coaticook is pleased to present the exhibition Le clan de l’ours by sculptor Zachari Bourassa and painter-sculptor Caroline Marchand from May 5 – June 30. The official launch of this exhibition was held on Sunday. May 5, at 2 pm.

Zachari Bourassa and Caroline Marchand’s artistic approach is based on a traditional method of wood carving using tools specifically designed for working with rustic wood. They will be exhibiting a series of masks and totems representing people, animals or mythical creatures, usually inspired by shapes and motifs integrated in nature. The character and expression of each pole they create began with a series of drafts and sketches. Then they are shaped into even logs and dried well before they are carved and painted. Masks go through the same procedures and are easy to install.

The idea for this exhibition came from Caroline Marchand who did research on endangered animals. She discovered the strange beast known as “Pizzly” (a mix between a polar bear and a grizzly). Bit by bit, involving a series of ideas and designs, they managed to put together the exhibition “Le clan de l’ours” (The Bear Clan).

Over 20 works of art are shown within the exhibit evolving through the creative genius of two exemplary and complementary artists. In addition, a comic strip depicting a Native legend, created especially for this exhibition, will be available as well as some small gift items - all at affordable prices.

Zachari Bourassa was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec on April 7, 1977. He began his artistic career after a trip to British Columbia in 1996. He then moved to Sainte-Camille in 2008 and pursued his work there. Caroline Marchand was born in Drummondville, Quebec on the August 29, 1969. She began her artistic career after finishing her studies in 1991. She also moved to Saint-Camille in 2008. They have been working together and earning their living through their art since 2006.

The Ministry of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women and la Ville de Coaticook financially support the Beaulne Museum of Coaticook. Special thanks go to the Caisse populaire Desjardins des Verts-Sommets de l’Estrie for their financial contribution.

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