THE PIGGERY: A Busy Summer Ahead

mysteryNORTH HATLEY: The staff at THE PIGGERY has been working hard to offer its patrons a very busy summer filled with first-rate entertainment and entertainers. We have already seen performances by Cyril McPhee Cape Breton singer, songwriter and skilled guitarist and an entertaining performance of ‘Perceval’, presented by Level II students of l'école des Enfants de la Terre à Waterville.

A buffet meal has traditionally served before each evening performance. The caterer this season will be CAFE du LAC, which is run by Chantal Tremblay and Patrick Lewis. The cost is $18 @, tax included. Reservations must be made if you wish to take in the buffet – call 819-842-2431.

One of the major appeals of this little countryside theatre is the vastly diversified talent, coming from both near and far, who grace their stage. In previous years, audiences have enjoyed award-winning performers such as George Canyon, Paul Brandt, Johnny Reid, the Barra MacNeils and theatrical groups, vocal and comedic duos, many of whom come back year after year, as do their audiences.

cafe du lac logoJUNE 8: The Montreal West Operatic Society will be bringing one of their more notable productions to The Piggery stage – ‘The Pirates of Penzance’, one of the most popular Gilbert & Sullivan comic operas, one that introduced the much-parodied ‘Major-General’s Song’. Performers appear in elaborate, brightly coloured costumes of the era which adds to the dramatic effect of this well-orchestrated production. This season’s performance will be a fundraiser for North Hatley Community Center.

JUNE 14: Back by public demand is the ‘Murder Mystery Dinner’. ‘The Class Reunion” is written and directed by local mystery enthusiast Mead Baldwin. Enjoy a delicious méchoui dinner while trying to unravel the mystery plot of the evening. This event will be a fundraiser for The Piggery.

JUNE 22-23: Garage Sale in the Barn (8 a.m.-2p.m.) -Tables for Rent

JUNE 23 – Sept. 17: THE PIGGERY Sunday Market and Barn Sale -- Every Sunday from 11a.m. – 1 p.m.

Wayne-AndreaJUNE 26, 27,28 – Top Hat and Tales offers a tribute to Lucy and Desi and a tip of the hat to Fred and Ginger, with tap dancing and promoting theatre through comedy (featuring Andrea Conway and Wayne Doba) ** 26th – matinee at 2p.m.; 27th – Benefit for The Pet Connection ; 28th – Benefit for Mental Health Estrie.

It is sure to be a busy and entertaining time at THE PIGGERY in the coming months. Be sure to watch Rythmebeat for updates on coming productions or contact 819-842-2431. Reserving your tickets in advance is always a good idea. Tickets often sell out very quickly!

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