Lebel at Paris Aerospace Exhibition

ministre Denis LebelMONTREAL: The Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, visited France and Belgium recently (June 18-22, 2013), attending the 50th International Aeronautic and Space Exhibition in Paris. The Minister took advantage of this visit to promote the skills and know-how of the Quebec and Canadian aerospace industry. While in Paris, he also met with international colleagues and executives of transportation companies of key importance to the Canadian economy, as well as with representatives of such influential organizations as the European Aviation Safety Agency.

“The aim of Canada’s Economic Development Agency’s presence at this particular Aerospace Exhibition is to highlight the expertise and skills of Quebec firms and, hopefully, facilitate networking possibilities with contractors interested in major Government of Canada procurement projects in the aerospace sector. The Paris Aerospace Exhibition at Le Bourget is an exceptional showcase for all of our enterprises in this field,” remarked Minister Lebel.

Creating jobs, stimulating growth and ensuring long-term prosperity are top priorities for the Government of Canada. These are also at the heart of the Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) Policy, an important part of the Canadian Government’s procurement process regarding major projects in the aerospace sector. For Quebec enterprises in the industry, this means having the opportunity for Canadian or foreign contractors to buy their products or services, invest in the commercialization of new technologies or processes, assist them in gaining access to value chains or join them in setting up research consortiums. Canada Economic Development Agency oversees the implementation of this policy in Quebec, maximizing its benefits.

Aerospace is a key sector of the Canadian economy, both in terms of job creation and economic activity generated by the industry’s enterprises. In 2012, Quebec’s aerospace industry posted more than $12 billion in sales, or 55% of the sales generated nation-wide. With 212 enterprises, 186 of them small and medium-sized businesses, employing 42,400 people, the Quebec sector is also heavily engaged in innovation, an involvement representative of 70% of Canada’s total research and development spending.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet and discuss with leaders of the aerospace industry, a sector of unequivocal importance in the world economy. In fact, I intend to relay announcements on the subject at the Paris Aerospace Show,” added Minister Lebel, whose tour of the international exhibition included a visit to the Aéro- Montréal booth.

The Minister then traveled to Belgium to meet with his Belgian counterparts and promote Canadian trade interests in the transportation sector by demonstrating Canada’s stability and reliability in transportation safety in order to strengthen cooperation between the two countries, as well as between Canada and Europe, in general.

The mission of Canada Economic Development Agency is to promote the long-term economic development of the regions of Quebec by giving special attention to those where slow economic growth is prevalent or opportunities for productive employment are inadequate. The Agency remains committed to fostering cooperation and complementing opportunities of this nature within Quebec’s communities.


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